Photography Certification Courses

Lighting Setup Indoor\Outdoor

Advanced Lighting Techniques


The workshop will cover these general topics and more:
In-class education:
- natural light and off-camera lighting examples and placement
- selecting gear
- gear explanation
- camera settings explanation
- image selection workflow
- editing in Photoshop
- Photoshop editing techniques
Outdoor shoot:
- the perfect headshot
- shooting headshots/portraits with natural light
- small flash off-camera dramatic lighting
- small flash off-camera fill lighting
- using studio lights outdoors
- overpowering the sun


Schedule -

noon-2pm: in-class education (lighting theory, gear, camera settings)
2pm-3pm: lunch break with Q&A
3pm-6pm: outdoor shoot
6pm-8:30pm: in-class education (workflow, Lightroom, Photoshop)

Photography as a Business

Photography as a Business


Are you looking for ideas on how you can market yourself, your photography, and your business?  Look no further. The information you will learn from our courses will give you plenty of ideas on how to grow your business. Remember, just as with photography, you need to find the marketing techniques that fit your style.  To make it easy, I have divided the marketing tips into categories.  “Thank yous and gifts” – ways to tell your customers how important they are and how much you appreciate them.  These go a long way and are so easy to do.  The word of mouth marketing generated from past customers often is enough to have a successful business. “Get out there” will give you some ideas on how to get exposure in your community.  From Facebook to blogging, and from placements at local businesses to referral cards, these ideas will get more people knowing who you are and why they should hire you.


Idyllic Eye Photoshop Certification $300.00


Actions in Photoshop

    Actions Shortcut
    Creating Smarter Actions
    Learning From Your Actions

Adjustment Layers

    Changing an Adjustment Layer

Camera Raw

​    Introduction to Camera Raw
    Sharpening an image (or removing noise from an image) in Camera Raw

Color Correction

    CMYK Color Picker
    Color Correcting Skin Tone
    Color Help
    Color Picker Tricks
    Creative Color
    Fixing Skin Color   


​    Better Curves
    Curves Dialog Tips
    Moving Multiple Points On A Curve


   Layers Palette and Blending Modes

Photoshop Interface

    Customize Your Workspace


Workshop Includes (limited time) -

- access to online tutorials

- email support

Schedule -

noon-2pm: in-class education
2pm-3pm: lunch break with Q&A
3pm-6pm: indoor shoot
6pm-8:30pm: in-class education (workflow, Lightroom, Photoshop)

Chris Porter - Instructor (